Artists of The Wall Festival


2021 Theme: Poetic Painting

Great news! We have received approval from the Park District to host the fest in 2021!

The fest will look a little different this year. First and foremost, we will adhere to the safety protocols put forth by the City of Chicago and Chicago Park District. The event is limited to 50 participants per day per current city restrictions. Masks will be required for all participants and volunteers and the fest will take place over 3 days to allow for more distance between painters. 150 spaces will be painted over 3 days, 50 per day.

At the center of the wall, there is a staircase that leads into the park with odd-shaped spaces (Spaces 96-105). That area will be a designated area in which people can paint the name of someone they lost last year or message to share with our community. We will have facilitators available.


For simplicities sake, we are awarding cash prizes this year:

Artists of the Wall Awards

Adult: 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $75

Teen: 1st $150, 2nd $100

Junior 1st $100, 2nd $50

Artists OFF the Wall:  1st $100, 2nd  $75, 3rd  $50

We look forward to bringing the fest back in 2021 and seeing a freshly painted wall!


Usually painters have two full days to complete their space. This year we will be extending the fest to three days, with 50 spaces each day being painted. This is to comply with guidelines and allow more space between artists. Painters will need to complete their space within the one day they are registered for. We ask that you keep your group as small as possible and to one family or pod. Registration and Paint Tent will be open from 9am-2pm the below dates:
Friday, June 18th
Saturday, June 19th
Sunday, June 20th
Artists can paint outside those hours on your assigned day, but we will not have staff available outside those hours.

We will have facilitators on site to assist and offer paint supplies for anyone who wishes to participate.

To allow for greater participation, we will be bringing back last year’s OFF the wall program as well. See the page for details!

2021 Artists of the Wall Registrant List
You will received your space assignment at the Registration Tent, which is open at 9am every day of the Fest. Please come on your assigned day!


Name Category Paint Y/N Painting Day
A. Nelson Adult N Sunday 6-20
Ad Nelson Adult N Saturday 6-19
Adam Polak Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Adel Pierce Teen Y Saturday 6-19
Aiden Walkowiak Teen Y Friday 6-18
Alex Alexander Adult N Friday 6-18
Alex Sondgerath Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Amalie Brennan Junior Y Saturday 6-19
Amanda McPartlin Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Anders Benson Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Andreas Vassilos Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Angelique Isdell Adult Y Friday 6-18
Anne De Courtenay Adult N Sunday 6-20
Arden Nelson Adult N Friday 6-18
Ariel Motto Adult N Sunday 6-20
Armando Demario Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Bette Schwarz (TBD) Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Bill Walker Adult N Friday 6-18
Bimbola Akinbola Adult N Friday 6-18
Blanche Blacke Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Bria Dolnick Adult N Sunday 6-20
Brian Cremins Adult N Sunday 6-20
Brian Dusell Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Carol Gregg Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Caroline Keem Adult N Friday 6-18
Carolyn King Adult Y Friday 6-18
Carrie DeVries Adult N Saturday 6-19
Catie Gregg Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Charles Grogg Adult N Saturday 6-19
Chloe Johnston Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Christine Clark Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Claribel Garcia Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Clayton-Chris Demma Adult Y Friday 6-18
Dan DiCesaire Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Debbie Torgan Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Debra Wojtkiewicz Adult N Saturday 6-19
Dennis Fritz Adult N Saturday 6-19
Dianna McInnis Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Donna McGrath Adult Y Friday 6-18
Edwuardo Salinas Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Ella Ryan Junior Y Friday 6-18
Ellen Schuler Adult Y Friday 6-18
Emily Kirkpatrick Junior N Sunday 6-20
Emily White Adult Y Friday 6-18
Eric Slater Junior Y Saturday 6-19
Erika Mahoney Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Eve Oppenheim Teen Y Sunday 6-20
Fawna Demma Adult Y Friday 6-18
Finnley McPartlin Junior Y Friday 6-18
Freddie Levin Adult Y Friday 6-18
Gabby Smith Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Galen Holcomb Adult Y Saturday 6-19
George McCullough Adult N Saturday 6-19
Gina Caruso Adult N Friday 6-18
Hannah McClurg Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Irina Murashova Adult N Friday 6-18
Isabel Fitzsimons Adult N Saturday 6-19
Isabel Salazar Teen Y Sunday 6-20
Jade Taylor Teen Y Sunday 6-20
Jaime Hovey Adult Y Friday 6-18
Jason Demma Adult Y Friday 6-18
Jay Carnes Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Jennifer Chase Adult N Saturday 6-19
Jill Schwartz Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Joanne Kubinski Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Joy Messinger Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Julia Garfield Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Julie Buck Adult N Friday 6-18
Justin Goh Adult N Sunday 6-20
Karen Florez Adult N Saturday 6-19
Kate Cuellar Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Kate Miller Adult Y Friday 6-18
Katherine Donovan Adult Y Friday 6-18
Kathryn Keil Adult N Sunday 6-20
Kathryn Klingle Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Katrina Kemble Adult Y Friday 6-18
Kaye White Adult Y Friday 6-18
Kelly Cassidy Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Kim Cheney Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Lane Williams Adult Y Friday 6-18
Laura Lothschutz Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Leeann Lodder Adult Y Friday 6-18
Lewis Rice Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Lisa Chandler Adult N Saturday 6-19
Lisa Dirks Adult N Saturday 6-19
Macklin Brundage Adult N Sunday 6-20
Magdalena Szumlakowska Adult Y Friday 6-18
Mark Pakieser Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Martha Morrison Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Mary Bao Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Mary Chraca Adult N Friday 6-18
Mary Meyer, Wild Onion Market Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Maude Hovey-Bradshaw Junior Y Saturday 6-19
Maureen Veleta Adult Y Friday 6-18
Mechelle Marie Moe Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Mishauno Woggon Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Molly Bougearel Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Molly Krauz-Steinmetz Adult N Friday 6-18
Myra Epping Adult Y Friday 6-18
Nathan Stevens Adult N Saturday 6-19
Noah Wieder Adult Y Friday 6-18
Patricia Oberhaus Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Paul Beck Adult N Sunday 6-20
Quinn Fixzalkind Teen N Sunday 6-20
Rachel Cohen Adult N Friday 6-18
Reams Libert Adult Y Friday 6-18
Rebecca Burwei Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Riah Dunton Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Robinlee Garber Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Roseanna Magada (TBD) Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Ross Blair Adult Y Friday 6-18
Ruth Loomis Junior Y Saturday 6-19
Sabrina Nash Teen N Saturday 6-19
Sam Kessler Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Sara Hawes Adult N Friday 6-18
Sean Larson Adult N Friday 6-18
Shanna Eley Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Shannon Cyborski Adult Y Friday 6-18
Shelby Hatch Adult Y Friday 6-18
Sofia Cisneros Junior Y Saturday 6-19
Sondra Morin Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Stephen Engelman Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Steve Bennington Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Susan Abelson Adult N Sunday 6-20
Susan Hartnett Adult Y Friday 6-18
Susan Martin Adult N Sunday 6-20
Sylvia Rosenkalt Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Teresa Ostrow Adult Y Saturday 6-19
The Albee Family Adult Y Saturday 6-19
The Dinh Family Adult Y Sunday 6-20
The Donlin Family Adult N Saturday 6-19
The Gutierrez Family Adult Y Sunday 6-20
The Schroeder Family Adult Y Saturday 6-19
The Stambam Family Junior Y Sunday 6-20
The Stutzman Family Adult Y Saturday 6-19
The Walzer Family Adult Y Saturday 6-19
The Yemini Family Junior N Saturday 6-19
Theresa Venus Adult N Friday 6-18
Third Estate Art Adult N Saturday 6-19
Tina Juhlin/ Jade Taylor Adult Y Sunday 6-20
Tom James Adult Y Friday 6-18
Tony Wolf Adult N Saturday 6-19
Tori Larsen Adult N Friday 6-18
Treacy Greer Adult N Saturday 6-19
Uriah Proctor-Mattingly Adult N Saturday 6-19
Vanessa King Adult Y Friday 6-18
Wright Gatewood Adult Y Saturday 6-19
Yvonne Sopala Adult Y Friday 6-18
Zhanna Charniavskaya Adult N Saturday 6-19
Zoe Miller Teen N Friday 6-18
Zoe Rosenfeld Adult Y Saturday 6-19