Registered Artist Information

Registered Artist Information

If you receive a spot, you will receive e-mail confirmation and will receive updated registration information closer to the event.

2024 THEME: Community Dreams

Make Art, not Ads! We value freedom of expression and the variety of subject matter and sentiment illustrated on the Wall each year. We ask all to remember that the spirit of the festival is to create public ART for the community and ask that promo/contact information not be the primary focus of the mural space.


Registration starts at 9AM north of the tennis courts on farwell and you must check in at registration before noon on Saturday, June 15. If you need a Sunday check in time or will come after noon on Saturday, please complete this form. If I don’t hear from you via this form, I’ll try calling you one time and then I will give your spot away if you’re not there by noon on Saturday.

This festival is a rain or shine event. If there is severe weather, the Registration Tent will re-locate to the Loyola Park Fieldhouse at 1230 W. Greenleaf Ave from 9am-Noon.


Painting may ONLY occur on June 15 or 16 under our permit. You are welcome to begin anytime after you check in at registration. We don’t want any white spots left, so if you haven’t made significant progress or arrangements with us by Sunday at 10am, your spot may be given away after we contact you. The paint tent will be open from 9AM-2PM on Saturday and 9AM-2PM on Sunday. Judging will occur at 1PM on Sunday, so you should complete by that time if you want to be eligible for judging. These spots are large and many artists need both days to complete so please plan ahead.


Please check in at the registration table after 9AM to receive your spot number. We will not be releasing these in advance. Please take in mind that the spots on the wall are different sizes, shapes, and conditions and it is your artwork that makes each spot beautiful! Spots are assigned randomly and we won’t be offering exchanges. There are no “bad” spots, just lots of different ways for you to be creative!


We ask that you use latex or acrylic paint only and do not bring any oil based paint. No spray paint. If you bought paint from LPAC, you’ll receive primary colors of latex in four cups including black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green. Generally, each person does two refills of paint. We have two brushes per space to give, but our brushes are limited, so you may want to bring your own as well.


In addition to water, sunscreen, food, and other necessities for the weather/conditions, we recommend that you bring a tarp to place under the spot and any other equipment for your space! We will do our best to sweep/clean the area, but you may also want to bring a broom, rags, or other tools to sweep the surface.


If you didn’t grab one on the first round, purchase them here. The paint tent will close at 2PM each day.


Do not use the lake for any cleaning of brushes or disposal of paints. There is a manhole/sewer at Farwell and the park that can be used for disposal. We also have buckets with filters at the paint tent to filter solids out before disposal. All paints must be water-soluble and safe to dispose of.